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Our Values

"A good financial strategy must be so much more than wealth creation.

It must be focused on achieving personal and family goals...the very reasons we create wealth".

The Banks Financial values reflect one thing...our dedication to you!                                                                                     

Our core values are :

  • Honesty

  • Reliability

  • Accountability

  • Sound, conservative investment practices

Our clients look to us to provide expert guidance on the many issues involved in retirement and estate planning. We deliver exceptional communication, thorough portfolio reviews and ensure your goals and financial future are our prime directive.

At Banks Financial, we offer our clients the customized financial solutions their particular situation requires.

  • Probate Minimization

  • Tax-efficient income

  • Lifetime Guaranteed Income

  • Maximize Estate Values

  • Tax-Free Corporate Accounts (our Corporate tax-free accounts feature the use of leading Tax and Estate lawyers)

  • Insurance protection and with long term strategies

Cheerful Seniors


Investing with a purpose is a mantra and methodology we are proud of at Banks Financial. 


Purposeful investing is knowing what your specific financial goal is and investing with a  pointed strategy to achieve that specific end result.


For example, why expose your hard-earned money to additional risk with a portfolio which MAY generate a potential 10% ROR but all you need is 4%? The more conservative portfolio would meet your savings and income needs AND greatly reduce your exposure to downturns and potential losses during unforeseen volatility.


Investing with a purpose focuses every dollar so that unnecessary risk is mitigated away from your portfolio and your needs are achieved with predictability and consistency. 

Calculate Savings


Whether you want help covering final expenses or building a legacy, life insurance can protect your family and business from the unexpected as well as the foreseen.

  • Cover your mortgage and debts at passing

  • Supplement gaps in your employer's benefits

  • Replace your income in case of injury

  • Finances to pay for critical illness recovery

  • Pay for the future education of dependents

  • Donate a legacy to your favourite charity

  • Take care of final expenses and estate taxes

  • Provide for a spouse and other loved ones

At Banks Financial, our only goal is to help you ensure your priorities are taken care of. Insurance is often one of the most powerful tools to make that happen.

Young Family


Whether you are 25 or 65, creating a financial future that provides for the way you want to live takes consistent and informed focus as well as discipline. This is where Banks Financial excels.

Our expertise and experience means you can take advantage of the many tools, products and strategies in the vast financial world. Together we will work to build a solid foundation today and which provides the income you will need when it's your turn to relax and enjoy life.

Investment vehicles, insurance products, pension decisions, spousal contributions, corporate-owned accounts, legacy Banks Financial, we help you understand your options and financial potential.

Happy Couple
Corporate-owned strategies




Life insurance is an important piece of any business and can be a tremendous asset in the following ways:

  • Key Person Insurance

  • Buy/Sell Insurance

  • Estate or Succession Planning

  • Taxes Payable

  • Charitable Bequests

Business Partners at Work
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