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Understanding the Role of the Executor.

The duties of an executor can be extensive and time-consuming. The key to successfully fulfilling your responsibilities is consistent effort combined with attention to detail. Executors must stay organized and keep good records.


Join us in learning from Ashif Kassam, Sun Life Global Investments, about the intricacies of choosing and being an executor of an estate. By understanding the role and your particular estate requirements, you can make the best decisions for your loved ones.

(Originally held May 1, 2024)


Estate Planning and
Wealth Transfer Strategies

Watch or listen to this Banks Financial exclusive webinar with Mike Richard, National VP of National Accounts with Manulife Investments.

It's packed full of real case details and potent experiences of the struggles of settling estates and how the Banks Financial strategies and products can help to alleviate many of those concerns.

(Originally held Feb 22, 2024)

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Maximize your cash flow at any stage of your life.


Mortgages, loans and interest rates are top of everyone's minds right now. We want to help you learn how to use what you own to reduce what you owe.

Let us show you important strategies to being mortgage-free sooner! View the powerfully informative and clearly communicated replay with Manulife Bank Business Development Manager Dean Roberts and Mortgage Specialist Michele Durham.


This 30-minute session over Zoom will teach you about using what you OWN to reduce what you OWE using the Manulife One "all-in-one" account.


Original Meeting Date: Monday, September 25, 2023.

MORE on the subject...

A clear and simple animated video

of the power of a Manulife One account.

A detailed and personalized explanation

of the strategies, features and benefits

Manulife offers in mortgage flexibility and debt reduction.

Watch the REPLAY of our exclusive discussion with Manulife's

Jonathan Popper...

J Popper.jpg

Click below to watch video inscreen...

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A short video that provides a friendly explanation of market corrections and why we utilize stocks as the solution for our long-term goals.

Joint ownership:
pros, cons, and alternatives

Investors looking for an efficient, cost-effective, and quick way to transfer assets to an heir or beneficiary often place assets into joint ownership with right of survivorship.

But there are situations where it is NOT the best option.

Learn more...

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2022 Federal Budget Summary

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland tabled the 2022 Federal Budget on April 7, 2022. Housing and affordability took the main stage with numerous measures aimed at tackling housing access, affordability, and improvements. There are no broad-based tax increases on individuals or corporations. The capital gains inclusion rate...


2022 Economic Outlook


2021 headlines were dominated by supply chain disruptions, inflation and covid variants. In 2022 we'll get to our destination but there will be pitstops along the way. Watch the recorded discussion between Roger Banks and Manulife Investment Management's Macan Nia regarding his team's 2022 economic outlook.

Original session was

March 29, 2022.


Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Exclusive Banks Financial webinar with Manulife Co-Chief Investment Strategist, Macan Nia.


Watch the recorded replay.


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What’s causing the recent market volatility and selloff?

An informative article written by Manulife Capital Markets team. Understand the reasons for the volatility to start off 2022 and the underlying fundamentals that truly drive markets over the long term. While market volatility creates uncertainty it also creates opportunity.

Bar Chart
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Early 2022 Update

As we find ourselves in week three of 2022, there are many questions about what we are seeing in the markets and what we can expect as well as how we should handle the situation.


Read Roger's current market views and understand the long-term indicators to watch.

Direct from the Investment Team (Sep 23/21)

At Banks Financial we are continually looking for ways to help you understand your investment opportunities. Your financial goals are top-of-mind for us and we are thrilled to bring you the play-back video of our SECOND EXCLUSIVE Client Information Session.


Jonathan Popper, Senior Portfolio Manager and Senior Managing Director

Manulife’s Essential Equity Team has been producing best-in-class risk-adjusted returns for unitholders for 24 years. They follow a disciplined process focusing on companies with high and stable profitability, visible return profiles, low financial leverage, trading at attractive valuations. The team manages over $27 billion in assets for retail and institutional clients.


You can now access the recorded presentation and discover from Jonathan Popper, Senior Managing Director, how the team continues to produce outstanding results and discuss where they are finding opportunities today. 

Click the image to Watch Now...


Estate Planning in the Cyber Age.

If left unaddressed, family members may find it difficult (or even impossible) to access your digital accounts and information, leading to possible financial costs, the loss of items with sentimental value and even identity theft. 


That’s why it is essential when creating an estate plan to outline instructions that grant a trusted person the power to access and handle
your digital assets in the event of incapacity (during your lifetime) or upon


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Be Careful with Joint Ownership  (Aug 4/21)

Placing non-registered assets into joint ownership with right of survivorship is one of
the most common methods of avoiding probate, and it can be effective in the right


However, there are some significant disadvantages with joint ownership that may outweigh the benefits.


Fortunately, there are other options available that help avoid the risks of joint ownership and provide other benefits as well.


Capital Markets Strategy - Manulife sess

Capital Markets Update (Apr 28/21)

We know information, GOOD information, is critical to your investment decisions.
At Banks Financial, we work closely with top managers and strategists to help you make sense of your portfolios, understand essential indicators and be comfortable with market performance results.


To continue this effort, we held our inaugural exclusive Banks Financial ZOOM session on April 28, 2021, with Philip Petursson, Chief Investment Strategist and Head of Capital Markets Research at Manulife Investment Management.


Meeting resources...

In case you missed it, or just want to dig into the information again, here are the replay files and slides for your reference.

Client Seminar-AUDIO-Apr28-2021

2021 Federal budget analysis: Our experts have reviewed the newly released proposals to provide you with insightful analysis

This year’s federal budget, titled Recovery Plan for Jobs, Growth, and Resilience, didn’t introduce measures that directly impact life insurance products, living benefits products or wealth products. Personal and corporate tax rates were unaffected as well. This article summarizes the budget highlights and tax-related measures which may be of interest to advisors.  (READ full report at Canada Life)

Banks Financial points to consider:

  • Old Age Security (OAS) recipients will receive a one-time $500 payment in August 2021, plus a 10% increase to their benefit in 2022 and moving forward

  • Extension of wage subsidies for continued covid relief

  • A Luxury Tax proposed on high-ticket items

  • The minimum wage for workers in federally-regulated industries to $15 per hour. Would not affect minimum-wage workers who are employed in provincially-regulated sectors.

  • No change with capital gains inclusion rates or principal residence exemptions, both of which had been discussed as possible targets

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A good summary to the question, "Invest into an RSP, TFSA or BOTH?"  ARTICLE...

sand image.JPG

Learn about the impact to an estate when an owner of an RSP/LIRA/RIF?LIF passes away.  ARTICLE...

CPP - CI insurance case study - Cathy.JP

CI Insurance for diabetes. (case study VIDEO)

As a leader in no-medical and simplified issue life insurance, Canada Protection Plan can provide those with diabetes the financial security they deserve. You can apply through a quick and simple E-application process- no medical exams required! VIDEO...

TFSA or RRSP image.PNG

Determining the best approach. (Solutions Magazine Jan 2020, by Manulife Financial) VIDEO...

Goal Based Investing image.PNG

A goals-based approach targets financial planning to meet objectives throughout life. (Solutions Magazine Nov 2019, by Manulife Financial) VIDEO...

Back to Basics - financial planning earl

Recent graduate? Starting your career?

Early financial planning will ensure you have the money skills you need to reach your goals and dreams along your way. VIDEO...

Business succession.PNG

Business succession planning. Essential strategies to ensure you maximize your business value when it's time to sell. VIDEO...

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Balance it out: A systematic investing plan provides discipline and the potential for better returns. (Solutions Magazine Mar 2020, by Manulife Financial) VIDEO...


Getting insurance has changed. Understand how. VIDEO...

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